Sunday, May 14, 2006

He's Home!

Finally! It seems like it has been forever but now he is finally home! We thought he was coming home on Friday, but it ended up being yesterday. We waited all day on Friday for the doctor to tell us at 6pm that he was not coming home until Saturday. We were really bummed because we had gotten our hopes up. So, on Saturday we went up to the hospital and waited all day for the doctor again. He finally arrived at 6pm and told us we could go. We quickly packed up his things and headed out of there. MiMi and PawPaw (Jamie's parents) were the first to welcome him home. Nana and PJ (Brian's parents) arrived soon after. Everyone got their chance to hold and cuddle little Maddox. Then it was time for a little bath and off to bed. Our first night home with him went great! Waking up to nurse and change him does make you very tired though. Thankfully today we got to rest and enjoy our new little family. He got to go on his first walk and his first trip to the grocery store. He was wonderful and slept the whole time. So far he is a very content baby. He has not fussed much at all and really only fusses when he gets hungry.
Brian goes back to work tomorrow and Jamie and Maddox will get to spend their first day alone together. Hopefully everything will go well. He is nursing great! We had a little trouble with feedings after a bottle, but now that he is not getting a bottle anymore he is nursing really well.
The pictures are of getting ready for his first bath at home, first time in his bouncer, and his first nap with mom.
Keep checking back, we'll keep updating and posting pictures!

PS - You can now leave comments...we discovered that our old settings only allowed members to comment; so we changed them to allow anyone. Also, you can click on the pictures to make them full size if you'd like (we just discovered that neat trick).


Aleta said...

Jamie and Brian,
He is beautiful. I am so glad that he is finally home. Enjoy him. Tell him that all of us in Lafayette love him and we can't wait to meet him.

Love, Aunt Aleta, Uncle Ronnie, Mark and Gavin

Grandma said...

Hi Jamie,Brian, and Maddox this is grandma,Maddox is beautiful an little but before we know it he will be sitting up and cooing. Don't know when i will get to see him but hopefully soon. When you have time send me pictures. Love grandma

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