Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Be My Baby

Sorry we haven't posted an update lately. I know a lot of you really look forward to them. We just don't have a lot of time lately and the days seem to go by really fast. But, here is a new post!
Maddox went to the doctor on Wednesday. He weighs 5lbs 14oz! Right on track. He should be gaining about an ounce a day. He was discharged weighing 5lbs 7oz and a full week later he gained 7oz! Everything else looks great too! He is healthy and definitely eating well, just ask Jamie! Thankfully he got over the bottle/breast confusion he was having when he first got home from the hospital. Now, he is a nursing champ! He has also been sleeping really well. At night he sleeps for at least 3 hour intervals sometimes four. His bedtime is a little late though. This is not by our choice, Maddox has set this one. He usually falls asleep around 10pm! Ack! This is a big change for us. We were used to going to bed around 8:30 or 9:00. We know, that was probably earlier than MawMaw and PawPaw go to bed, but we were always really tired. Well now we have this little guy and we are lucky to get to bed by 10pm. Last night it was more like 11:30 but that is because we went to our small group Bible study and got home late. He does sleep until about 9am so that evens things out a little. He has a pretty good schedule during the day and takes some really good naps, he gets that from Jamie! Brian doesn't take naps and never did when he was a baby either.
We are still doing really well. Adjusting hasn't been easy, but we wouldn't call it hard either. Really it has all been a blessing. We are having a great time and watching each other be a parent to this little one is amazing!
Of course we have more pictures! We also included one of his wonderful hair cut! His head was partly shaved to put IV's in. They didn't shave the whole thing so it looks kinda funny. They asked us if we wanted them to shave it all but we leave it just the way it is. Maybe it will turn into a great blackmailing tool or embarrassment tool when he is older! One person said it looks like the Pharoh's haircut on the Ten commandments! The other picture is of all his new girlfriends aka babysitters. These are our good friends and ladies of our small group! Maddox had a great time being cuddled by them last night! He is a charmer already!
Well that's it for this post!
Until next time....


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